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Tutorial Timetable

Our tutorial IDs are different from Canvas. Format: CS2103T-W11 means a tutorial of CS2103T module, held on Wednesday at 1100, and so on.

Module Venue Time Tutorial ID
in Canvas

(don't use this!)
Our Tutorial ID
(use this!)
(contact details)
CS2103T COM1-0210 Wed 09:00 G07 CS2103T-W09 Elton, Taufiq
CS2103T COM1-0210 Wed 10:00 G13 CS2103T-W10 Zhongfu, Parth
CS2103T COM1-0210 Wed 11:00 G06 CS2103T-W11 Javier, Kevin Foong
CS2103T COM1-0210 Wed 12:00 G08 CS2103T-W12 Danny, Kevin Foong
CS2103T COM1-0210 Wed 13:00 G03 CS2103T-W13 Danny, Zsigmond
CS2103T COM1-0210 Wed 14:00 G01 CS2103T-W14 Yuan Wei, Yi Xian
CS2103T COM1-0210 Wed 15:00 G05 CS2103T-W15 Yu Ting, Si Kai
 CS2103  COM1-0210 Wed 16:00 01 CS2103-W16 Zen, Bryan Ong
 CS2103  COM1-0210 Wed 17:00 02 CS2103-W17 Yu Ting, Taufiq
CS2103T COM1-0210 Thu 09:00 G15 CS2103T-T09 Marcus Peh, Benedict
CS2103T COM1-0210 Thu 11:00 G12 CS2103T-T11 Ganesh, Azeem
CS2103T COM1-0210 Thu 12:00 G14 CS2103T-T12 Danny, Zong Xian
CS2103T COM1-0210 Thu 13:00 G16 CS2103T-T13 Javier, Wen Quan
CS2103T COM1-0210 Thu 14:00 G02 CS2103T-T14 Rezwan, Azeem
CS2103T COM1-0210 Thu 15:00 G04 CS2103T-T15 Ganesh, Charisma
CS2103T COM1-0210 Thu 17:00 G17 CS2103T-T17 Tze Kin, Jun Xiong
 CS2103  COM1-0210 Fri 10:00 04 CS2103-F10 JB, Peiyuan
 CS2103  COM1-0210 Fri 11:00 05 CS2103-F11 Bryann Yeap, Devansh
CS2103T COM1-0210 Fri 12:00 G09 CS2103T-F12 Danny, Paul

Tutorial Structure

The mode

  • The initial few tutorials will be through Zoom; the rest will be F2F.
  • A tutorial group is handled by two tutors. Each tutor will work with two teams.
  • Zoom will be used (even during F2F tutorials) for projecting slides and collecting chat responses.
  • MS Teams will be used for file sharing.

Slides and tutorial recordings:

  • The Zoom recording of a tutorial will be made available to you after the tutorial.
  • Slides used in tutorials will not be distributed to students. You are expected to take notes (or screenshots) during the tutorial as necessary. Reasons:
    1. Tutorial slides are meant to help the tutor deliver the tutorial, and not meant to be used as reference materials for you to study later). When some content is suitable as a reference material, we'll provide you a copy of it.
    2. To encourage some level of active engagement with the materials (e.g., taking notes) which is known to increase retention.
    3. To discourage 'no need to bother now; can look at the slides near the exam' attitude -- because most of the materials covered in tutorials are applicable to the project immediately.

The role of our tutors is different from tutors in other modules.

  • Not a source of admin information: Given the humongous amount of admin info contained in this module and the fact that it is constantly evolving, tutors may not be aware of the recent subtle changes to the admin information. To safeguard you from receiving incorrect admin info, tutors are prohibited from answering admin queries. If you have an admin query, please post in the forum (or email the prof at but only if the question is not appropriate for the forum).

  • No feedback/help for yet-to-be-graded components: Tutors are prohibited from giving inputs for components not graded yet. Reason: work submitted for grading should be your own.

  • No direct tech help: Tutors are prohibited from giving direct technical help, other than to give you some general direction to finding a solution. Rationale: We want you to learn the vital survival skill of troubleshooting technical problems.

  • No ‘mini-lectures’: Tutors are prohibited from 'teaching' concepts that are covered in lectures or other learning resources given to you (reason: self-learning is a vital part of the module). For example, the tutor will not do a mini-lecture at the start of the tutorial. But tutors can help you clarify doubts under the right circumstances, as described in the panel below.


  • Please refer to the Schedule page for further details on each tutorial.
  • You are expected to be present on time. Punctuality is considered for participation marks.
  • In the past, many students have requested to increase the tutorial duration because a mere hour is barely enough to get through all the tutorial tasks. Increasing the tutorial time is not possible due to lack of venues and tutors. Instead, let's try to make the best of the one hour available by coming well prepared and starting on time. Note that the better prepared you are, the higher the chance of completing all activities allocated to a tutorial within time.


  • Your conduct in tutorials will be evaluated by team members and the tutor which can affect your participation marks.