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iP: Week 7iP: Grading

iP: Week 8

  1. Evaluate two peer iPs Sat, Mar 11th 2359

1 Evaluate two peer iPs Sat, Mar 11th 2359

This activity is worth 2x2=4 participation points.

  1. Wait for the email notifying you which iPs are allocated for you to evaluate. When the email is sent out, it will also be announced via module announcements.

  2. Download the latest JAR file of the first iP by following the link provided.

    FAQ: What if the student has not uploaded a JAR file, or the JAR file doesn't work at all?
    A: When you submit the evaluation (step 8 below), there will be a way to indicate that the JAR was not available, or any other serious issues you faced.

  3. Locate the User Guide of the app by following the link provided.

  4. Open the Canvas survey (the one named iP Peer Evaluation 1) that you will be using to submit your evaluation and take note of the things you need to evaluate.

  5. Run the jar file in the following manner:

    1. Put the jar file in an empty folder, to prevent data files created by other jar files you tested earlier from interfering with the current jar file.
    2. Run the java -version command to confirm you are using Java 11.
    3. Run the jar file using the java -jar {file_name} command (rather than double-clicking) in the same terminal.
  6. Do a light testing of the app (not more than 10 minutes) to ensure the claimed features actually exist.

  7. Do a quick examination of the code (~ 5 minutes) by following the provided link.

  8. Submit your evaluation using the survey.

  9. Repeat the above steps for the 2nd iP allocated to you (use the survey iP Peer Evaluation 2).

  10. Take note of the effort required for a typical iP: Now that you have seen two more iPs, you should now be in a better position to estimate how much you need to do for the tP (reason: the expected workload for the tP is that each team member puts in about one typical iP worth of effort).

iP: Week 7iP: Grading