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tP week 7: Get ready for iterationstP week 9: v1.2

tP week 8: mid-v1.2

  1. Ensure you know tP expectations
  2. Start proper milestone management
  3. Add the first functionality increment


PR review comments matter! Remember to do proper PR reviews throughout the tP, at least for non-trivial changes, as the quality and quantity of PR review comments you have given to peers affect your tP marks (under the project management aspect).

1 Ensure you know tP expectations

  • If you haven't done so already, make sure you know individual and team expectations of the tP

2 Start proper milestone management

  • Set up the issue tracker as described in the panel below, if you haven't done so already.

  • Start proper schedule tracking and milestone management as explained in the panel below.

Try to achieve all milestone requirements, but do not fret if you miss a few. You will get full marks for this aspect as long as you achieve about 75% of the milestone requirements on average. Yes, that's a pretty low bar, but we have set it low in order to reduce workload and stress. Ideally, you should achieve 90-100%.

3 Add the first functionality increment

  • Add functionality in small steps, aiming to deliver the first working version of your product by the mid-milestone (i.e., in one week), and v1.2 at the end of this iteration (i.e., in two weeks).
    As mentioned in the last week, if you split the iteration into two smaller increments of one-week each (recommended), name the first one v1.2 and the second one v1.2b.

  • Push as hard as you can afford to in this iteration: While we have kept the expectations bar low for this iteration (so as not to overwhelm inexperienced programmers), you are encouraged to push as hard as you can in this iteration. Reason: past students have lamented not doing enough in v1.2 that left 'too much' to do in v1.3 and v1.4.
    That said, you should also play it safe by aiming to reach a smallest possible version in v1.2 before squeezing in more implementation work into v1.2b.

  • From this point onwards each member is expected to contribute code to each , preferably each week; only merged code is considered as contributions .

  • If you plan to rename the Java packages, you may want to do it around this time. Doing it later can be more difficult (e.g., it can cause more merge conflicts), and can cause problems in our code authorship tracking. Also note that renaming packages is optional.

  • Note: you are required to follow the forking workflow for at least for the first part of this iteration:

tP week 7: Get ready for iterationstP week 9: v1.2