This site is from a past semester! The current version will be here when the new semester starts.

Standards/ConventionsiP: Week 2

iP (Individual Project): Overview

The objectives of the individual project (iP) is to learn/refresh the basics of,

  • Java
  • OOP
  • IDEs
  • Git and GitHub
  • Project automation tools
  • Code quality

All skills you will learn in the iP will be useful in the team project (tP). Some of the iP code can even be adapted for the tP.
The more you do in the iP and farther you push beyond the minimal expectations, the easier it will be in your tP.

The iP is based on the generic project called Project Duke, the overview of which is given below.

Duke Overview

The iP is to be done over the first half of the semester.

  • Volatile requirements ahead!: Some requirements will only be released later (or could be changed along the way), to simulate how requirements of a project may not be available at the start or stay the same during the project.
  • Requirements may differ between students!: Note that some requirements that are to be released later could be different from one student to another.

Standards/ConventionsiP: Week 2