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ExamsGrade Breakdown

Participation Marks

To receive full 5 marks allocated for participation, meet the criteria A, B, and C.

A Earned more than half of weekly participation points in at least 10 weeks.

  • Weekly quiz(es), if any:
    • Quizzes open around the lecture time and stay open until the next lecture starts. In some weeks, there will be two quizzes (because two smaller quiz is easier for you to manage than one big quiz).
    • If multiple attempts are allowed, we take the best attempt, not the latest attempt.
    • When awarding participation points for quizzes, we look for two conditions:
      • Condition 1: submitted early i.e., within four days of the lecture i.e., lecture day (Friday) + three more days -> Monday (reason: to encourage learning the weekly topics before doing the weekly tasks)
      • Condition 2: answered correctly i.e., least 70% of the answers are correct (reason: to discourage random answers)
    • You earn:
      • 3 points if you satisfy both conditions.
      • 2 points if only one of the conditions is satisfied.
      • 1 point if submitted but both conditions are not satisfied.
  • TEAMMATES peer evaluation sessions: 2 points per session
  • Other weekly activities:
    • There could be other activities related to the lecture, tutorial, or the administration of the module.
    • Refer the activity description for evaluation criteria.
    • Each activity earns 2 points unless specified otherwise.

B Received good peer evaluations

  • -1 for each professional conduct criterion in which you score below average (based on the average of ratings received).

  • No penalty for scoring low on competency criteria.

C Tutorial attendance/participation not too low

Low attendance/participation can affect participation marks directly (i.e., attended fewer than 7) or indirectly (i.e., it might result in low peer evaluation ratings).

+ Bonus Marks

In addition, you can receive bonus marks in the following ways. Bonus marks can be used to top up your participation marks but only if your marks from the above falls below 5.

  • [For lecture participation] Participated in lecture activities (e.g., in lecture polls/quizzes) in at least 10 lectures: 1 mark
  • [For in-video quizzes] Answered in-video quizzes in at least 7 weeks: 1 mark
    Starting from week 3, some pre-recorded lecture videos in the Topics tab will contain in-video quizzes. Videos containing quizzes are labelled Video Q+ (instead of the usual Video)
  • [For perfect peer ratings] Received good ratings for all 10 peer evaluations criteria: 1 mark
  • [For helping classmates] Was very helpful to classmates e.g., multiple helpful posts in forum: 1 mark


  • Alicia earned 1/2, 3/5, 2/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 5/5, 4/5, 5/5 in the first 12 weeks. As she received at least half of the points in 11 of the weeks, she gets 5 participation marks. Bonus marks are not applicable as she has full marks already.
  • Benjamin managed to get at least half of the participation points in 9 weeks only, which gives him 5-1 = 4 participation marks. But he participated in 10 lectures, and hence get a bonus mark to make it 5/5.
  • Chun Ming met the participation points bar in 8 weeks only, giving him 5-2 = 3 marks. He lost 2 more marks because he received multiple negative ratings for two criteria, giving him 1/5 participation marks.


  • Q: What if I missed a participation task due to a legitimate reason? (e.g., falling sick, taking part in university event)
    A: See the panel below:

Where to find your participation marks progress

Your participation progress can be tracked in this page from week 3 onward.

ExamsGrade Breakdown