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Module Venue Time
CS2103/T ICube Auditorium 1400-1600

The lecture recording will be made available later during the same day.

Lectures start on time sharp and end around 10-15 minutes before official end time.


  • The first lecture will be done using Zoom. The Zoom link will be available in Canvas module homepage. You can attend the live Zoom lecture or watch the recording later.
  • We expect to switch to the hybrid mode (i.e., you can attend F2F or via Zoom or watch the recording later) from the 2nd lecture onwards, if the circumstances allow it.
  • Some topics come with pre-recorded lecture videos.
Tips for watching lecture videos
  • You can watch video lectures at faster speeds (x1.25 or even x1.5) to save time.
  • Lecture videos require NUSNET login.

Attendance: Attendance for the first lecture is compulsory (i.e., attend online or watch the recording).

Handouts: There are no lecture handouts. All learning materials are organized around topics, are given in Web format, can be found in the Textbook section (organized by topics), and are also embedded in the Schedule page (organized in the order they are covered).

Slides: Our lecture slides are not suited for printing or to be used as a reference during the lecture/exams. They are only an aid for lecture delivery. Slides will be uploaded to Canvas after the lecture.

A caveat about your expectations from the lecture

In a traditional course, the lecture is the primary means of content delivery. However, CS2103/T is delivered in the blended learning mode, and hence, the contents are delivered primarily via the online textbook and pre-recorded videos that you can consume at your own pace.

Hence, the lecture is only a complementary component that aims to,

  • recap the past week, clarify common doubts
  • preview the next week
  • motivate you to tackle the weekly tasks coming up
  • contextualize various 'moving parts' of the module and keep you anchored to the 'big picture'

Given that lectures are complementary, you can speed-watch the recording to save time (instead of attending the live lecture) or skip them altogether (if you are already saturated by the rest of the course activities).

Weekly ScheduleTutorials