This site is from a past semester! The current version will be here when the new semester starts.

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iP: Week 7 : OPTIONAL

  1. [Optional] Get more out of the iP

1 [Optional] Get more out of the iP

If you wish to cite the iP in your resume, you can do more to make it look more impressive to a potential employer. These improvements are not considered for grading and can be done after the semester is over. Some ideas:

  • Improve the GUI: Make the UI look nicer, unique, and memorable. You can get inspiration from what others have done (but remember to give credit if you reuse any code from them).
  • Add a demo video or an animated gif to your user guide to show how the app works.
  • Improve code quality: iP is the right size to cite as an example of your code quality. You can use the RepoSense link (</>) in the iP showcase page to point to your iP code.
  • Add more features.

On a somewhat related note, you can also create similar product websites for your other projects (projects from other modules, pet projects).

iP: Week 6iP: Week 8