This site is from a past semester! The current version will be here when the new semester starts.

Week 9 [Fri, Mar 10th] - Tutorial

0 Demo v1.2

The tutor to confirm the following has been done.

1 Demo measuring code coverage

  • Measure test coverage in your own IDE. Take a screenshot showing test coverage details such as lines covered, lines not covered, percentage of coverage for different files etc.

  • Post a screenshot in the tutorial workspace document. An example is given below:

2 Exercise: OODMs

  1. before the tutorial Do the following question. As before, you should freehand-draw the diagram.
    You can use the association class notation in the answer.

OODM for the Course domain

  1. during the tutorial
    • Paste a screenshot/scan/photo of your answer in the online document.
    • Discuss a sample answer, as guided by the tutor.

3 Exercise: Activity Diagrams

  1. before the tutorial Do the following question, similar to the previous question.

Model workflow of a Burger shop

  1. during the tutorial Post your answer and discuss, similar to the previous question.