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Week 9 [Fri, Mar 10th] - Summary

Similar to the previous week, you are encouraged to try this week's tutorial questions before the actual tutorial. Otherwise we might not have enough time to finish all the questions during the tutorial hour.


  • [W9.1] OO Domain Models

  • [W9.2] Activity Diagrams

  • [W9.3] Conceptualizing a Design

  • [W9.4] Architecture Diagrams: Drawing

  • [W9.5] Design Principles

  • [W9.6] [Revisiting] SDLC Process Models

  • [W9.7] SDLC Process Models (continued)

  • [W9.8] Writing Developer Documents

Full ToC


  1. Submit post-lecture quiz

tP: v1.2

  1. Deliver v1.2
  2. Wrap up v1.2
  3. Do an informal demo of v1.2 before the tutorial