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Week 8 [Fri, Mar 3rd] - Summary

You are encouraged to try this week's tutorial questions before the actual tutorial. Otherwise we might not have enough time to finish all the questions during the tutorial hour.


  • [W8.1] [Revisiting] Drawing Class/Object Diagrams - Basics

  • [W8.2] [Revisiting] Drawing Class/Object Diagrams - Intermediate

  • [W8.3] [Revisiting] Drawing Sequence Diagrams

  • [W8.4] Testing: Types

  • [W8.5] Testing: Intermediate Concepts

Full ToC


  1. Submit post-lecture quiz
  2. Submit midterm peer evaluations on TEAMMATES Sun, Mar 12th 2359


  1. Evaluate two peer iPs Sat, Mar 11th 2359


  1. Ensure you know tP expectations
  2. Start proper milestone management
  3. Add the first functionality increment