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Week 4 [Fri, Jan 27th] - Summary

We strongly recommend you to have a team project meeting before the tutorial. Keep notes of the meeting, and update project documents -- the tutor will ask for those during the tutorial.

Do the following during the meeting:

  • Finish the tP tasks allocated for the week.
  • Help each other finish iP tasks. Tasks allocated to this week are especially troublesome and some peer help can be very useful.

On a separate note, our guidelines on dealing with technical problems:


  • [W4.1] Design: Models

  • [W4.2] Class/Object Diagrams: Basics

  • [W4.3] Class Diagrams: Intermediate-Level

  • [W4.4] Java: JavaFX

  • [W4.5] Java: varargs

  • [W4.6] Code Quality: Naming

  • [W4.7] Static Analysis

  • [W4.8] Code reviews

  • [W4.9] RCS: Managing Pull Requests I

Full ToC


  1. Accept GitHub invitation from the module organization
  2. Submit post-lecture quiz


  1. Use GFMD in the PR description
  2. Review some peer PRs
  3. Learn from others (optional)
  4. Add Increments as branches: A-CheckStyle, Level-10, A-Varargs


  1. Start weekly project meetings
  2. Start a collaborative doc to take project notes before the tutorial
  3. Decide on an overall project direction (user profile, problem addressed) before the tutorial