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Week 3 [Fri, Jan 20th] - Tutorial

0 [CS2103 students only] Form teams

  • Form teams, under the guidance of the tutor. See the panel below for team forming constrains and other related info.

1 Introduce yourselves

  • Introduce yourself to the tutor and the members of your team and the partner team (i.e., the other team under your tutor)

2 Find coding standard violations extra

  • Do the following exercise, if you have time.

Find basic coding standard violations

3 Decide a weekly project meeting time

  • If you haven't done so already, do the following tP task.

4 Help team members troubleshoot iP problems

  • Now that you are in a team, it's time to build up the team spirit. For starters, you can start helping each other with module tasks. e.g., if anyone is facing problems in the iP, you can work together to solve them.