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Week 6 [Fri, Feb 10th] - Summary


  • [W6.1] Modeling: Sequence Diagrams

  • [W6.2] Architecture Diagrams

  • [W6.3] IDEs: Intermediate Features

  • [W6.4] Logging

Full ToC


  1. Submit post-lecture quiz


  1. Add Increments: A-BetterGui, A-Personality, A-MoreErrorHandling, A-MoreTesting
  2. Finalize the features
  3. Set up a product website
  4. Submit the final version Fri, Feb 17th 2359


  1. Conceptualize v1.2
  2. Draft the UG
  3. Refine the product design
  4. Set up the project repo
  5. Get familiar with the code base