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Week 2 [Fri, Jan 13th] - Summary

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Before attempting weekly project tasks, go through the weekly topics (and do the weekly programming exercises/activities, if any) as the knowledge from those topics may be needed to complete the project tasks.

Umm... you've finished Week 1 tasks already, right? If not, please finish them first before starting on this week's tasks.


  • [W2.2] SDLC Process Models: Basics

  • [W2.3] RCS: Revision History

  • [W2.4] RCS: Remote Repos

  • [W2.5] IDEs: Basic Features

  • [W2.6] Automated Testing of Text UIs

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  1. Submit post-lecture quiz Fri, Jan 20th 12 noon
  2. Get connected to our communication channels


  1. Learn about the project
  2. Set up prerequisites
  3. Set up the project in your computer
  4. Add Increments while committing frequently: Level-1, Level-2, Level-3, Level-4, A-TextUiTesting, Level-5, Level-6, A-Enums Thu, Jan 19th 2359