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Week 11 [Fri, Mar 24th] - Summary

Next week's lecture (and the PE Dry Run)

Heads up! Attendance is compulsory for the lecture coming up on Fri, Mar 31st , as the lecture slot is also used for the Practical Exam Dry Run (graded).


  • [W11.1] More Design Patterns

  • [W11.2] Architectural Styles

  • [W11.3] Test Cases: Combining Multiple Inputs

  • [W11.4] Other QA Techniques

  • [W11.7] Other UML Models : OPTIONAL

Full ToC


  1. Take part in the CATcher load testing during the lecture on Mar 24th
  2. Submit post-lecture quiz

tP: v1.3

  1. Deliver v1.3
  2. Update user docs
  3. Release as a jar file
  4. Wrap up v1.3
  5. Demo v1.3 before the tutorial