This site is from a past semester! The current version will be here when the new semester starts.

Week 1 [Mon, Jan 9th] - Summary

A summary of the week, and announcements relevant to that week, will appear in this Summary tab.

In each week, go through all the tabs for that week (i.e., Topics, Admin Info, ...) given at the top of this page and follow the instructions in them. FYI, a full timeline is available too.

This week, there are things for you to do before the upcoming lecture (refer the above tabs for details).

  • Our first lecture will be on Fri, Jan 13th . It will be fully online. Subsequent lectures will be hybrid.
  • Our tutorials start on week 3.
  • [CS2103T Students]: Of the many weekly sessions that appear under CS2103T, only two actually belong to CS2103T. Those are, the lecture on Friday 1400-1600, and the 1-hour tutorial slot. The other two 2-hour slots belong to the CS2101 module.
    CS2101 tutorials start in week 1.


  • [W1.1] OOP: Classes & Objects

  • [W1.2] OOP Inheritance

  • [W1.3] OOP: Polymorphism

  • [W1.4] Java: Collections

  • [W1.5] Exception Handling

Full ToC


  1. Submit pre-lecture quiz Mon, Jan 16th 2359
  2. Set up the tools before the lecture
  3. Submit the pre-module survey Fri, Jan 13th 2359
  4. Learn about the module
  5. Attend the first lecture