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Week 13 [Fri, Apr 7th] - Summary

Please note that tutors will not be available for consultations after this week (doesn't apply to this week). As most tutors are UG students who have their own exams, we do not allow CS2103/T students to take up tutors' time during the reading week and the exam period. This is especially important for CS2103/T tutors as they have to spend a significant time on adjudicating disputed PE bugs.

Any questions related to the module should be posted in the forum (preferred) or sent to the prof.


  • No topics allocated to this week.


  1. Submit final peer evaluation on TEAMMATES Thu, Apr 13th 2359
  2. Submit the PE-Readiness Quiz before the PE

tP: v1.4

  1. Do final polish-ups
  2. Submit deliverables Mon, Apr 10th 2359
  3. Wrap up the milestone Wed, Apr 12th 2359
  4. Submit the demo video Wed, Apr 12th 2359
  5. Prepare for the practical exam
  6. Attend the practical exam during the lecture on Fri, Apr 14th
  7. [if needed] Attend the makeup practical exam Sun, Apr 16th 1400-1600